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Bifrost Brawlers is a cute pixel game where you tilt the world to move, sliding and slashing your way through the Jotuns and their forces of evil. Use your attacks to defeat enemies, and tilt to collect coins while evading rocks - and the edge of the map! Bifrost Brawlers is made in Unity for the PC, and is should be played with an Xbox or PS4 controller.

Ahh I'm a Ship!

  •   Use mouse to navigate screens and pause
  •   Use left joystick to move.
  •   Right-hand controller buttons for attacking. 

Be sure to download the version matching your controller! The game is not playable on keyboard. 

Thank you!
~ Team Immortal

Install instructions

Unzip files and run the .exe to play!


Bifrost Brawlers PS4 Controller.zip 54 MB
Bifrost Brawlers Xbox Controller.zip 54 MB

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